Your Guide To Buying A Golf Cart

By Steadman Issenburg

For many years you could expect to see golf carts only on a golf course, and usually you could only rent them for that round of golf. But a lot has changed in the golf cart world, and many golfers are finding that it makes sense to go ahead and buy their own golf cart instead of renting it.

Some country clubs are now allowing members to buy and use their own golf cart when playing the course, and this lets each member customize their own golf cart in any way that they wish. Golf carts are also extremely popular with players who live in a retirement community that has a golf course. Many are discovering that golf carts have a wide range of use, even being able to be driven on the street in some cases. In some retirement communities, golfers have outfitted their own golf cart with lights, brake lights, safety belts, and all the other necessary equipment to be able to actually drive their cart on the road. And then when they want to play golf, they just drive their golf cart down to the clubhouse and right onto the course.

So if you think that buying a golf cart may make sense for you, what should you be looking for when you buy? Well first of all, you will find that there are several different competing brands of golf carts that are available for sale. And most all of these manufacturers turn out a very good, high-quality product. However, golf carts are very different from one brand to another, both in appearance and in the way they drive and handle. Each brand also has its own strengths and weaknesses, and that makes it imperative for you to determine in advance how you intend to use your golf cart and then try to find the brand that will best fit your needs.

Unlike many years ago, there are quite a few golf cart dealers spread across the country. So usually you should be able to find some dealers in your general area without too much trouble. When you locate them, pay them a visit to test drive the golf cart models that each dealer has in stock. You never want to buy a golf cart without having driven it yourself under conditions that would be similar to those that you will be using it in. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises after the cart has been bought.

If you intend to use your golf cart for more than just off-road activity, or just on the golf course, you can always make the golf cart street legal as long as your local laws will allow it. There are no federal laws regarding the use of golf carts, so usually the regulations that govern golf carts are made by individual cities and states instead.

There are also plenty of accessories that you can add to your golf cart to personalize it and make it your own. Some of these accessories include windshields, different kinds of tops and sides, lights and much more.

When it comes time to pay for your new golf cart, you can expect the price to fall somewhere in the $5,000 – $10,000 range, although if you choose not to add on accessories, and keep the costs to a bare minimum, you may be able to spend less then $5,000.

Whether or not owning a golf cart will work best for you is a personal decision, but for many people a golf cart can turn out to be a time and labor saving device both on the course and off.

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