What To Look For In A Quality Used Golf Cart

By Thomas Johnsen

More and more golfers are taking the plunge and becoming golf cart owners of late. While some golfers still scoff at the notion of using a cart to get around the course, others realize the incredible convenience, ease, and speed of play which it affords golfers, and this is further enhanced by purchasing oneself a used golf cart. Not only can you save yourself money in doing so, but you’ll also own something tangible as a result, and have the opportunity to customize your cart just about any way you see fit.

The average price for cart rentals varies, but it can be quite costly. A typical cart rental for 18 holes of golf will likely set you back $30 on average, while a seasonal rental (which allows you to use a cart throughout the entire season, but often for no more than one round per day) can run upwards of $1,000. Considering you can purchase a quality used cart for as little as $2,000, you can see why over the long run, purchasing your own cart can lead to tremendous savings.

When purchasing your cart you should take into consideration some of the features that come with the cart. Typical accessories include a windshield, roof, rain screen, ball cleaner, cooler, additional seats, additional storage area on the back such as trunk lids, and more. Carts may also be outfitted with lifts and larger wheels for a more stable ride, as well as enhanced shocks and brakes. The importance you place on any of these items should factor into your decision. It will likely save you a good deal of money finding a used cart with the features you want, rather than having to upgrade the cart yourself.

One thing you should also seek to obtain with a used golf cart purchase is a limited warranty, preferably a 90 day warranty. It’s almost a certainty that carts with warranties have been thoroughly inspected and are in great working condition. On the other hand, purchasing a cart ‘as is’ does present the possibility of picking up a bargain, but you’ll really have to know what to look for in a used cart. If you don’t have a very sound knowledge of gas or electric vehicles (depending on which model you intend to purchase), you shouldn’t take the risk of purchasing a model without a warranty, regardless of immediate savings.

Lastly, nothing can replace actually getting out there and taking the cart for a test drive. You probably wouldn’t purchase a car without test driving it, and while golf carts may seem more uniform than cars, they’re anything but. Each model handles differently, and has their controls laid out differently, which should be great taken into account before purchasing. Put the cart through a good run over a variety of terrain, including uphill and downhill if possible, and be sure to test out the brakes. You may also want to bring along your clubs to test out how it rides with the added weight of your clubs on the back.

With the cost of golf cart rentals as high as they are, golfers who enjoy using carts should very seriously consider the purchase of their own cart. You’ll have the freedom of taking it out at relatively no cost whenever you like, and can customize to suit your preferences and ideal golfing experience perfectly.

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