What Are Clone Golf Clubs?

You can purchase high quality clone golf clubs at discount prices. Discount golf clubs should not to be mistaken for their name brand counterparts, Clone golf clubs are made from essentially the same materials and designs. One of the great things about golf is that it is a lifetime game. You should purchase equipment custom made for your individual golf swing.

Have every club you need in your bag, and be sure they are custom fitted to you and your golf swing. Like generic drugs, clones perform the necessary tasks. For all intents and purposes, clone clubsare the same as the name brand clubs. It’s like automobiles, they all look basically the same and perform basically similar.

Golf club clones will perform like the big brand clubs especially if you get them custom fit to your needs. Half the battle of good golf is the fit of your clubs. Most of the suppliers of clone clubs offer a multitude of shafts, shaft flexes, grips, and club lengths. Typically they offer men’s and women’s clubs with the options that are correct for both. The differences between men’s and women’s clubs is important because of the differences in body strength. Women’s golf clubs will have more loft on the club faces and more flexible shafts, both of which will help to get the ball higher in the air and hit it a longer distance. Men’s clubs will have lofts that are a little lower and have shafts that are somewhat stiffer.

The gap has closed between the name brand clubs and clone golf clubs. Basically, their performance is equal. So don’t hesitate to buy clone golf clubs. They cost about 1/3 of what the name brands cost and they will last just as long. You could even have them for a lifetime.

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