Ways To Tighten Your Pitch Swing

Here I will explain how to tighten up your golf pitch swing. You will need to practice this drill to make it work. This drill will help you keep your hands ahead of the clubhead, and teach you how to use your body.  Learn this drill, and your pitch swing will get better and tighter. Now, if you use mostly your hands and arms during your pitch swing, then this is for you to read. Using your body during your turn is important, and if you can’t remember to turn your body, then this is also for you.  These are the elements you need to tighten your golf pitch swing.

To start out, stick a tee through the hole on the top of your club where the grip is You use this to check the quality of your pitch swing. You will  address the ball and make what you feel is a 50-yard pitch. You want to hold your finish hands, waist high. If your pitch swing is any higher then you will hit the shot too far. Before you do this, you have to find out if the tee is pointing at the left side of your torso, or if it pointing towards your stomach?

It’s all about the relationship between your hands and your clubhead when perfecting the pitch swing.  In most short shots you want your hands to lead the clubhead. This means hands first, clubhead last.  When you follow through with your swing, always make sure the clubhead never passes your hands.  If this happens, then you will end up striking a lot of fat and thin pitches; so, remember this during your pitch swing.

You almost have the elements to  make a completed golf pitch swing. For you to tighten that pitch swing, you need to know the rest of the drill . You want the tee to point to the left side of your torso. This will cause you to use your body to hit the shot, and your hands should stay ahead of your clubhead.  You don’t want the tee pointing at your stomach. Doing this will stop your body from turning through impact, and you will flip your hands. Everything flows jointly when you take that short pitch shot. If you follow this drill right, you will have all of the right elements for a perfect pitch swing.

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