Ways To Stop Hitting Your Pitch Shots Thin

If you are hitting your pitch golf shots the wrong way, you may not realize it.  You want to improve your swing and contact with the ball without hitting the ball to thin. So you need to practice certain drills. So here we go!

Get 6 tees and place them on the ground, about 2 club-head widths between each tee. set    your ball on the second, forth, and sixth tee. You should play the first tee just like you would any other pitch, and take your swing. You want to try and knock your tee out of the ground. You will use the same swing on the next tees to pitch the ball onto the range.  Practice this drill and your pitch shots in golf will get better.   I have practiced this drill before and it works great.

So, why do this  This helps you bottom out your swing, and to get into the habit to swing down.  This will prevent you from hitting up and catching the shot thin.  You want to drive the target side of your ball into the grass. You will make better contact with the ball when pitching.

You can also practice your pitch shots with your right heal raised off the ground. The majority of your weight will be on your left foot. You will be positioned forward and it will convey a downward move, hitting the ball in front of it, and not behind it.

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