Useful Golf Help & Advice For Left Handers

Finding golf strategies for left handers is difficult, so where would one begin? Right handed golf players seem to have the majority of golf information intended for them, but why? Well, sorry to say, despite the fact that you’re unique and also special, you are also quite a minority in the golf game. A little difference will be normal in your game, however the level of difficulty will probably be the same as with right handers. In reality, numerous left-handed golfers point out that they adore playing golf with right handers because they observe their mistakes and find a way to use them to their benefit.

Choose Your Grip

The grip of a left-handed golfer differs from player to player. Besides letting you know to loosen up your grip, no one can tell you just how to hold your club. Left handed golfers often use a stronger grip as compared to right handers. Are you maybe stronger than right handers? You might be afraid that you will drop it, yes? It doesn’t matter why you hold it tight, just loosen it! If you think you can control where the golf ball will go by gripping the shaft tighter, then you’re completely wrong. It has no benefits at all, actually, you will be hurting your swinging technique.

The Simple Stuff

Though a basic technique, you cannot progress your swing without taking it into consideration. Your posture as well as positioning to the golf ball and target are important evaluations you must make every time you swing the club. Positioning yourself a little to right instead of straight in line with the target, will yield the most effective results.

You need to very carefully analyze your arms and hands in terms of the pivot of your body, when practicing your swing.

The Short Game

The very best advice you can add to your short game if you’re a left hander would be to choke down on the club whenever you’re confronted with a shot under Seventy yards from the hole. Basically shift both hands down slightly and you’ll gain a lot more control.

If you’re just like numerous left handed golfers, you might have trouble in chipping as well as pitching, you can resolve this by using golf swing software programs.

Wicked Slice

That slice you have is frequently due to incorrect alignment.  An ideal reference point is vital.  You may find it just in front of the golf ball by a couple feet, in line with the target.  When you step-up to your ball, stay focused on this area.

Here once more your own tight grip plays the major role, as it is the leading reason behind a slice.  Since your grip plays such a major role in your golf game, spending some time to perfect it is key.  It will not be a long time before the swinging troubles are over, once you discover the perfect grip.

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