Used Golf Carts And Upgrades

By Johnny M Johnson

If you plan on upgrading your used golf cart buy adding accessories like golf cart lift kits, high speed motors and upgrading the battery pack you should consider these things before buying. If you can find a used golf car with a bad battery pack, golf cart motor or even a controller you may be able to get it cheaper and use the savings to buy upgraded parts and accessories. An Alltrax High Amp controller is often the first choice for upgrading an electric cart. The motor and cables are usually the next thing to be upgraded. The most popular golf cart upgrade is a lift kit with the addition of larger off road tires and billet aluminum wheels.

You can find many used golf carts at your local golf course. The club may have put aside a few golf carts for sale either as extras or old units being phased out in favor of newer models. The course will typically use one brand of golf cart so that will make your buying experience easier. Familiarize yourself with the models they use.

If you’re looking at an electric golf cart one of the most important things to consider is the age and condition of the golf cart batteries. It’s been my experience that buying a used golf cart with batteries over 3 years old the battery pack will have to be replaced within the next few years. You may be able to bargain with the golf course if the age of the batteries is in question. Look for bent frames, worn or badly damaged front suspensions and cracked or broken bodies. If you see any of these things the cart has most likely been abused by drunken golfers. A gasoline powered cart is a less common site on courses. Gas golf carts are noisy, smelly and require more maintenance than an electric golf cart.

A similar inspection should be given and pay special attention to the engine. Check the oil and make sure it’s clean. Dirty oil is a sign of poor maintenance. Poorly running or a smoking engine will be a sign of a damaged engine. Check the drive belt for extreme wear. Run the cart and listen for noises coming from the engine and transmission. Although buying one of these used golf carts isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it’s important to consider all the details before buying.

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    Ek het ‘n 1997 DS regen1 club car gekoop sonder obc en controller. My probleem is dat niemand my kan help met inligting oor die kar nie. Bv. een of twee solinoids. Tipe obc en watter controller. Pas die goed op mekaar of wat? Sal graag ook bedradings diaramme benodig. Sal dankbaar wees as iemand my kan help.

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