Used Golf Carts – A Wise And Economical Decision

By Maria D Sara

Avid golfers prefer to have golf carts of their own. Owning one has a number of benefits such as it could be used whenever you want. There is a definite amount of prestige associated with owning a golf cart. It saves the hassle of renting one each time you have a whim to play golf.

Although many people can visualize them being used only in golf course, these days in many senior citizen residential communities, elders use these carts for traveling throughout the community and also for transporting gardening and transportation equipment. Unfortunately not everyone can pay the price of a new cart, which is why most of them prefer to purchase an old or refurbished golf cart. It is preferable to buy used cart directly from a dealer which will guarantee that the cart is in good running condition.

Generically there are two types of golf carts: electric or gasoline powered. Generally used carts cost a bit more than electric ones. An electric cart still retains more value even after used for ten to fifteen years because of its durability and need for fewer repairs.

Golf carts are more tough and reliable then they look. Manufacturers these days are building them rough and tough from the seat exterior down to the engine design, everything is put together to give the cart a long life. That is why used cart often shows little signs of wear and tear. It’s because of this engineering and designing for strength and durability that second hand golf carts make a great investment for anyone who is willing to spend money on it.

Customizing an old cart according to your own style and personality is a great way to spend time. There are innumerable ways in which the carts can be altered such as installation of stereo sound systems, stylish roofs and leather seat covers. Many golf accessories can now be used to make your second hand cart one-of-its kind which could increase its resale value if you ever want to put it on the pedestal to be sold.

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