True Golfing Talent Is A Mind Over Matter Issue

An idea as old as dirt and that certainly applies to your golf game is “Mind Over Matter”. As in any effort , good mental preparation is important to excel and it is an easy thing to do. Having good golf clubs is not enough, good mental training is also required.

It is a cinch that entering any task with misgivings is almost guaranteed to produce poor results . So, it is important to make up your mind early that you can play good golf. We are not all created equal but that is not the greatest factor in our game. You have seen many pros who played well and won tournaments with skills that were far from perfect. They were able to do it because they believed in themselves and whatever talent they had.

Let us assume that you have armed yourself with at least the basics, name brand clubs or discount golf clubs, good grip, decent swing, etc. You start the ball well and have some idea how to hit the ball where you want it to go. You do not have to be perfect, only a few will have outstanding golf skills. Now it is a matter of putting what you have into effect and using it consistently.

It is easy to get discouraged because you can not hit the ball a long distance with your driver. We all want to be able to do that, but it just may never happen. So, we hit our 175 to 200 yard tee shot in the fairway, play our second shot well and near the green, chip on and putt out. It’s good! ¬† It’s a par!

We do not have to be John Daly  to play the game well and get a lot of enjoyment from it. Just use the skills that you have, take what the course will give you, know you can par any hole, and you will succeed.

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