Tips On Driving a Golf Ball Down the Centre of the Fairway

By Edwin Lange

See your golf ball soaring far down the center of the fairway. This is probably the best sensation in golf. Next is that the tips on driving a golf ball you practiced have paid off and you now have the confidence and ability to drive off every tee box.

Consistency for many golfers is the problem and for most of their golfing careers will only aspire to a fifty-fifty mentality off the tee box. Many golfers do not think to aspire to reach the 100% mental strength required for a drive off the tee box. Of course a certain amount physically fitness together with applying the tips on driving a golf ball by practicing diligently on the golf driving range are the other essential factors required.

Using the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle, you will find here below basic tips on driving a golf ball down the centre of the fairway. These tips are mainly to refresh the memory but others will undoubtedly be new and together will help you to reduce your scorecard.

• Keep the ball in play. Many golfers try to hit the golf ball as far as possible, but 300 yards down the fairway and 50 yards into the boondocks means losing strokes if the ball does not stay in play. Forcing the drive will possibly cause a hook or even more likely a slice into the woods and you not only lose strokes but confidence as well. Think accuracy over distance.

• When addressing your ball on the tee box ensure your focus is on proper posture. The correct posture is different for everyone but there are some common factors to think about at address.

Feet should be placed approximately shoulder width apart.
Play the ball off the left heel, that is forward of centre.
Keep your head steady and behind the ball from start to finish of the swing
Flex your knees and keep your back straight. Think shortstop posture.

• Keep the golf swing simple. One of the most important tips on driving a golf ball down the centre of the fairway is the long slow, full backswing, coiling your body correctly and then bringing your club down on exactly the same swing plane. This will maximize the accelerating speed required to ensure maximum energy at impact. Ripping at the ball, i.e. gorilla tactics are a definite No-No.

• Golf equipment. New exciting golf equipment is readily available to make a golfers game more effective. One piece of equipment is the 460 cc driver, manufactured to give extra, straighter distance off the tee box. The extra weight and size oozes confidence and many golfers expect to derive instant success by using this golf club. Beware, the following special tips on driving a golf ball with this oversized driver are:

Tee the ball higher (you may have to buy longer tees)
You have extra weight. Control of this club will only come with dedicated and prolific practice
The shaft is long. Practice various distances from the ball but remember keep your arms hanging naturally.

Lastly, I make no apologies when I reiterate, Invest in Practice. I am not talking about smacking a few balls after work in your shoes. Dedicate specific time and energy to improving your game on the golf driving range. Set goals and above all use all the expertise you can get. A lesson from the club Pro, a low handicap friend to observe and comment will make the difference. The result, not only lower scores but revived excitement and new enjoyment out there on the golf course

This article was not written as a definitive work on tips to drive a golf ball but simply to reiterate the basics. I trust that you have found this article interesting and hope that by applying these tips will certainly improve tour game.

“Carpe Diem”

If you think it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball. ~Jack Lemmon

35 years striving to become a 10 handicap golfer (I made it!) the articles at are the result of my experience, professional coaching and mistakes corrected. Read, Apply and Practice the tips, the articles will certainly help you to improve your game.

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