Things To Think About When Purchasing Custom Golf Cart Tyres

by Harper Quinn

Tyres for custom golf carts come in all shapes and sizes. You can literally get any style tyre for your cart that you want. Like with any accessory on your cart you have to think about the overall style and look you are going for. Custom golf cart tires are the most important purchase you will make. You want to make sure to pick the right ones. Lets take a look at some of the things to consider when you are purchasing tyres.

First, you want to make sure to purchase tires that are made for your golf cart. You want to know the make and model of the cart because the wheel set up for brands like Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car are not all the same. Next, you want to know how much clearance your cart has so you can determine the size of the tires you will put on it. Golf carts with lift kits have a bit more options because you can put tires on your cart that go up to 25 inches. Most people stay with a standard tire but for those how like to get a lot of lift you can go pretty big.

Where and when you will use the cart should be taken into consideration also. If you plan to use the cart for off-roading or for cruising in rougher types of terrain you will want tires that are knobby and bigger so you have clearance and treads that work for that type of riding. You can also get low profile tires for a more urban look with wheels that match that style. Of course you can go with standard tires with white walls or just a basic design to them. There are over 7,000 types of tires to pick from so you will have lots of option when shopping. Expect to pay between $80.00 to $400.00 per tire depending on what brand and style you go with. Be sure to shop around locally and online. Don’t go with the first deal you see. Be willing to do some homework and find the exact tire set up you are looking for.

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