The Right Golf Swing Technique vs The Wrong One

Knowing The Perfect Golf Swing Technique From The Imperfect One

Most golfers believe that the right golf swing technique is one that involves taking the club and raising it straight along the target line after which you can start to make the downswing. There is however more to making the perfect golf swing than this technique which has a few flaws in it. With a little more research it will soon become apparent that is not the ideal technique after all.

This is because such a golf swing technique can result in unwanted shift in the weight which is not what a good golfer should be aiming for. Instead, they need to learn to coil their upper bodies over their right hips. If you try and move the weight laterally, this can cause the golfer to lose their balance.

Also, such a technique also causes the body and arm to work in a disconnected manner. A technique that involves lifting the club in the direction of the target line is not always good for you.This is because the arms will be swinging the club without being properly connected to the body. The right technique is to ensure working arms and body together in perfect coordination. This will ensure a much more powerful swing and that means obtaining greater distance.

If you continue to use a slightly flawed golf swing technique, you will, if you continue with the straight backward swing method achieve a closed clubface which will then result in inaccurate shots. The proper technique is ensuring that the swing is made in an arc and furthermore, the center of the arc must correspond to the middle of your chest region. Also, keep the two hands firmly gripping the club as this will ensure an ideal and correct golf swing.

You should aim to create a backswing in which the club always remains on the plane for as long as is possible. The longer time the club remains on the plane the easier it becomes to strike the ball with consistently high accuracy and power.

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