The Perfect Golf Swing Though The Perfect Setup

The perfect setup only, can lead to the perfect golf swing.

Absolutely everything in the golf swing is affected by your setup – good setup = good swing, bad setup = bad swing , it’s as simple as that.

Swing faults have been claimed to orginate from setup 90% of the time. This can be good news, though, because if you setup right then you will be 90% there!

I recently came across a very little known setup routine , this routine is perfect for creating a good golf swing. This setup can result in the perfect golf swing.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, because this routine sets you up just like the worlds best pro golfers. How do I know that? Well, I’ve got video sequences of the worlds top golfers that I can check this setup routine against – and it’s correct every time.

So what will this golf swing setup routine do for you?

It will…

- Get you the perfect distance from the ball

- It will give you plenty of room to work in, between you and the ball, so you don’t get all cramped up

- It will help prevent going ‘over the top’ the biggest problem of the slicer

Instructions For The Perfect Golf Swing Setup

On the practice range is where you should only use the perfect setup routine , I don’t want you getting banned from some big competition ! Any significant change must be practiced – you should never make significant changes to your golf swing during a round. The practice range is where you should work it out , check that it works, then implement it. Only introduce this perfect setup on the course once you can get the right distance from the ball without laying your club on the ground.

Remember a perfect setup = more chance of a perfect golf swing

Choose the club you plan to hit the ball with. The following instructions are for a 9 iron through to your long irons:

Firstly: Lay the club down on the ground pointing away from your body, that’s from your body when stance alongside the ball in your normal stance, towards the ball.

Secondly: Now move the club head (which should be closest to the ball, away from your body) so that it is on the other side of the ball. So as you look down to the ground you will see the club shaft running away from you with the club head wrapped around the other side of the ball.

Thirdly: Now move yourself to the ball and put one finger width space between the ball and the clubhead as it is laid on the ground.

Fourthly: Now move back to the butt end of the shaft.

Fiftly: Now take up your stance but this time line up the back of your heels with the butt end of the club. This now sets your feet the correct distance from the ball.

Lastly: All you need to do now is keep you feet on the line you’ve set them and pick your club up and address the ball.

To see this setup routine graphically illustrated with a simple graphic then click on this link: Perfect Golf Swing Setup Routine

Now you can really start enjoying your golf.

Happy golfing

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