The Most Useful Golf Cart Accessory

by Dane Stanton

A golf cart was initially designed in order to carry players around the course. Nowadays, carts are becoming a very popular transport. With the help of a golf cart accessory, it can turn it into a stylish and quite a comfortable vehicle. As well as golf courses, they are widely used in university campuses, neighborhoods and during different kinds of events. Installing such accessories as lift kits, alloy wheels or racing-style steering wheel can transform an ordinary golf cart into a very interesting and useful thing.

The Golf Cart Concept

Basically it’s a small vehicle with three or four wheels. The first ones were designed to hold two passengers, but modern models may contain up to 8 men. Usually it’s powered by electric engines. Alternatively it can have internal combustion motor.

The important thing about using them is legality. Without a set of additional golf cart accessory, they are not street-legal. In order to use one in the street, the owner has to outfit the vehicle with brake lights, seatbelts, windshield and so on. In this case, the golf cart will be allowed to use on the street with a speed limit of 25-35 mph (depends on the area).

They are also very economic. It’s about ten times cheaper to drive and maintain a golf cart than a car. It’s very important since the gas price has recently risen immensely.

Now you see the real benefit of owning one for yourself. How to make it even better? Lots of manufacturers produce lines of these type of accessories. Continue reading, and you will learn about the most popular and useful ones.

Golf Cart Accessory

Among others, the most popular accessory is a lift kit. Lift kits increase the cart clearance and therefore enhances its cross-country ability. However, lift kit installation may break original alignments of the headlights.

Another useful thing is a golf cart cover, which protects the vehicle in harsh weather conditions. As a rule, you should cover the golf cart in rainy and snowy weather.

Ramps and towing, designed for golf carts, will help you to puck up the vehicle into a truck. This may help to transfer a cart between courses.

Windshields protect driver and passengers from wind, rain and balls that may accidentally rush by. It is recommended to buy polycarbonate windshield, as it’s stronger than a standard acrylic one.

Many accessories are designed just to make a cart look more impressive. This may be a wheel covers, racing-style pedals and steering wheel or even a hi-end stereo system. Manufacturers’ imagination is infinite and thus may help you to upgrade your cart.

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1 comment to The Most Useful Golf Cart Accessory

  • Chris

    Thanks for the info guys.
    I am interested in getting a golf cart road worthied. Do you know if there any other special requirements that are needed, other than the lights, seatbelt, etc. in order to get this down. Or if you need any special permission from the SABS, what restrictions it carries, etc.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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