The 3 Ultimate Golf Grips Guaranteed To Better Your Score

One of the most essential aspects to get right when getting started with golf is to make sure that your grip on the golf club is good.

There are lots of incredible strong golf grip tips out there, but the sad thing is, this is where lots of new golfers fail, as at the beginning the golf grip can feel alien, almost cumbersome once you address the golf ball. Even if you get your foot position and swing movement perfect, without a strong grip on the club set you will never be able to make frequent, straight shots.

In this post we will go over the most popular golf grips, and one you need to learn and get used to as quickly as possible.

The Interlocking Grip

Within the game of golf, the interlock grip is by far the most popular with expert tour players and inexperienced golfers alike. This golfing grip is fantastic for people with small hands or have minimal muscular strength in the arms and wrists. This is actually the golfing grip of choice for Ernie Els.

If you are right handed, just take your little finger of your right hand and place it between the index finger and your middle finger on your left hand. Now, with your palms open up, shake-hands with the club so that your left hand thumb is angled in the palm on your other hand.

The 10 Finger Grip – Baseball Grip

This golf club grip grip is the least complicated to learn, but is almost never used by experts through the sport. Instructors will most likely illustrate this golfing grip to new men or women eager to take on the activity on account of it’s straightforwardness. Besides that, this kind of golf grip is great for those that have constrained hand movements, such as the elderly or even children with developing hands.

In order to replicate the 10 finger grip, think of grasping a baseball bat with all your fingers clenching the golf club and with your hands touching one another.

The Vardon Golfing Grip – The Overlap Grip

Very similar to the Interlocking golf grip, the Vardon grip is definitely a well known option. The principle distinction with this golf grip is that the little finger of your right hand sits between the two knuckle bones on your left index and middle finger,in contrast to the interlock golfing grip as pointed out.

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