Golf Cart Safety Tips

by Greg Mitchell

Golf cart accidents can cause severe injuries. These accidents are caused by people who do not take precautions or generally ignore the rules. However simple the rules may be, it is important to adhere to them and help everyone to stay safe.

It is worth noting that as golf cart driver; always give the . . . → Read More: Golf Cart Safety Tips

Safety Tips in Driving a Golf Cart

by Kevin Hutto

Golf carts are now a common feature in any golf course. They certainly make navigating the wide expanse of a golf course easier. They also save time by transporting players to the teeing ground and to any of the holes thereafter much faster.

However, driving a golf cart is no joyride. Just because you’ve . . . → Read More: Safety Tips in Driving a Golf Cart

Golf Cart Safety

by Paul Akers

Golf carts are being used in more ways and in more places than ever before. You can find them on campuses, campgrounds, fairgrounds, airports, business parks, and even golf cart friendly communities. Increased usage certainly has its advantages. They are often times less expensive and more convenient than normal vehicles, and electric carts . . . → Read More: Golf Cart Safety