Golf Carts: Great For Golf, But What About All The Other Uses?

by Susan Dean

When most people think golf carts they think of a buggy that takes a golfer and his golf clubs around the course. And that’s a fair assumption seeing that is what they were originally produced for. But in this day and age there are other uses apart from the obvious.

Many large companies with many . . . → Read More: Golf Carts: Great For Golf, But What About All The Other Uses?

Golf Cart Battery Charger

By Steve Christopher

For the purpose of charging worn out batteries of golf carts, Golf Cart Battery Chargers are used. 36/48 volt DC systems are the commonly used ones. The standard cart batteries can be charged about 1,000 times. This may be 2-3 years or even longer according to the country you are located. The usage . . . → Read More: Golf Cart Battery Charger

Opening Up Your Golf Cart Battery Compartment

by Stephen G Smith

The basic functioning of all golf carts depends on the strength of its batteries. Currently there is not a single battery on the market that is capable of powering an entire golf cart. Do keep in mind that when speaking about golf cart batteries we are actually referring to components which would . . . → Read More: Opening Up Your Golf Cart Battery Compartment

Tips For Buying a Used Golf Cart

by Randy Wade

Buying a used golf cart can be a very confusing undertaking. There are many variations and types of carts available these days, from the very basic to wildly modified. Buyers have many options, but caution should be used to ensure you don’t inherit someone’s albatross. Knowing what to look for, could save big . . . → Read More: Tips For Buying a Used Golf Cart

Golf Cart Repair Manuals

by William Degner

There are different kinds of golf car manuals – one for owners, one for parts and another for repairs.

If you bought your cart used, you probably did not get an owner’s handbook. They can often be found on line or for free from the manufacturers website as a PDF file.

Some of the owner’s handbooks . . . → Read More: Golf Cart Repair Manuals

Club Car Golf Carts

by Bill Degner

When playing golf you need to know that you are using the best equipment available on the course. When you are first starting out you never know where your balls may end up and using a golf cart can save you a great deal of effort trying to find them. Golf carts come in . . . → Read More: Club Car Golf Carts

Golf Cart Safety Tips

by Greg Mitchell

Golf cart accidents can cause severe injuries. These accidents are caused by people who do not take precautions or generally ignore the rules. However simple the rules may be, it is important to adhere to them and help everyone to stay safe.

It is worth noting that as golf cart driver; always give the . . . → Read More: Golf Cart Safety Tips

Have a Look At Golf Cart Accessories

by Steve Christopher

Golf carts are getting more familiar with people day by day. They are useful to small communities apart from golfers, where they find use as low speed cars (35 mph). Electric cars are getting popular because of its low carbon emission. A golf cart can be fitted with many accessories if desired. The . . . → Read More: Have a Look At Golf Cart Accessories

Safety Tips in Driving a Golf Cart

by Kevin Hutto

Golf carts are now a common feature in any golf course. They certainly make navigating the wide expanse of a golf course easier. They also save time by transporting players to the teeing ground and to any of the holes thereafter much faster.

However, driving a golf cart is no joyride. Just because you’ve . . . → Read More: Safety Tips in Driving a Golf Cart

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Tips

by Randy Pairett

Electric Golf Carts typically are powered by six lead-acid batteries mounted on a metal rack under the seat. A 36 volt system has six 6 volt deep cycle batteries and a 48 volt system has six 8 volt batteries. This type of golf cart battery must have distilled water added on a regular . . . → Read More: Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Tips