Storage And Drivable Golf Cart Covers

by Dennis Ray

Now is a good time to get the golf cart cover for the rain storms that are coming. There are golf cart storage covers and drivable covers. The storage cover is a great way to keep your golf cart clean and out of sight during those winter months, you can also keep your clubs on the cart and cover them too, keeping them protected and out of sight as well. There are some really nice storage covers out there for your golf cart, the two tone color covers is a nice look and there’s the camouflage cover that a lot of people like when you need to store your cart outside it helps it blend in and keeps the cart clean and ready to use next season. Then there is the solid color covers that come in tan, green, black and white a color for everybody. The golf cart storage covers come in 2 and 4 person covers, they have a zipper in the back so if you need to get to clubs you can. They are light weight and easy to install. If you haven’t got your cover for this year you should do it now before you forget and the supply runs low at the end of the season.

The drivable golf cart cover is a life saver on the course, have you ever been playing a round and here comes the rain and yes you got the cart but the only thing that cart dose is give you a place to sit in the rain, and rain never falls straight down there is usually a wind so the rain just blows in on you and your clubs. That’s the nice thing about a drivable golf cart cover, even when you have the cover on your cart the windows roll up and tie so they are not in the way. When you start to see the rain it only takes a few minutes to roll them down and zip them shut for your defense against the rain, you and your clubs and bag will stay dry until the rain passes or you make your way back to the club house. These drivable golf cart covers come to fit both 2 and 4 passage carts. They also come in colors to match your cart or a color you like. Ive heard of a person using the drivable camouflage cover on his golf cart to go hunting for deer.

You will be a well liked guy or gal when the rain and wind comes and you can close up your golf cart to protect your friends and gear they will thank you for this and maybe even buy you a drink back at the club house. So don’t wait until the season is over get that storage or drivable golf cart cover now, it will cost you less then your driver did.

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