Stop A Golf Swing Slice From Ever Occurring Again

Once you begin playing golf it’s typical to frequently slice the golf ball. On the plus side, it’s relatively easy to fix this challenge, still it is important to comprehend exactly what is causing your golf swing slice before it can be fixed.

Here we’ll focus on a few approaches you can apply to stop a golf swing slice from ever occurring again.

Tip 1 – Keep your head straight down and fixed.

This might appear pretty apparent, nevertheless it is one of the most significant mistakes that novice golfers make, and will result in a run-a-way hit to the right. To keep your head down until finally your swing has completely finished, consider this tip.

Each golf ball will have some kind of print on it, usually from the ball producer or sponsor. This is your helper… Simply target hard on the text throughout your swing movement and your head will remain in a fastened placement all through. Should the rest of the golf ball stops you from viewing any text, locate something marked on the golf ball instead, maybe a piece of dirt-debris or an imperfection. It will not matter what your focal point on the golf ball is, just as long as you’ve got one…

Tip 2 – Is Your Grip Good?

You’ll find three primary golf grips, and you ought to be utilizing at least one of them. The most frequent will be ‘interlock’ golf grip, whereby your left index finger rests in between the knuckle joint of your little finger against your right hand. Your grip should not end up too tight, yet it shouldn’t at any time be too loose either.

To confirm your grip is accurate, you should be able to see a minimum of 2 knuckle joints on your right hand when holding your club. In case you can’t take a step backwards and readdress the golf ball, this can be where your golf slice is coming from.

Tip 3 – What’s Your Left Shoulder Doing?

Last of all then, let’s check out your left shoulder. This needs to be pointing precisely at the target. If it is not then your slice will probably end up being further overstated as you will be attempting to cover for it in the course of your swing action.

Always be certain your left shoulder is in a principal line of flight to the target. No matter whether that is the fairway, the flag or the pin.

Take your time to practice these simple helpful hints and you’ll soon see major advances in your game.

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