Shopping For Golf Cart Tyres

By Shannon Peddicord

Whether you use your vehicle for recreation, business or property management, golf cart maintenance is a safety priority. That’s why it’s important to select tyres that are appropriate for the terrain, weather and mileage you expect to encounter.

Selecting the Right Golf Cart Tyre

Like your other vehicles, there are a number of tyre options, widths and treads you can choose for your golf cart or utility vehicle. Popular options include:

• Turf tyres: Used on golf courses and grassy surfaces, these golf cart tyres are generally too smooth to be safe for all-terrain environments. Available with chrome and polished aluminum wheel accessories, these standard-profile tyres are ideal for leisure and occasional trips to the green.
• Low-profile tyres: While most tyres require the use of a lift kit, low-profile styles can be used without a lift kit.
• All-terrain tyres: Designed for performance in all weather and terrain conditions, many all-terrain tyres are tubeless and protected by a tough, nylon covering.
• Street use tyres: Ideal for concrete and pavement use, street tyres offer more traction than standard turf tyres. Street tyres are often mounted on golf carts used for facilities maintenance, and may be used on riding mowers, as well.

Make sure you choose a wheel that best suits your vehicle’s use. Smooth tyre styles may be fine for sunny days at the course, but when using your vehicle in slippery terrain or in icy weather, off-road tread is a safer option.
In addition to selecting the proper tyre for your recreational or personal vehicle, make sure you regularly check inflation levels and repair punctures.

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