Save Money By Buying Clone Golf Clubs

Golfers spend a lot of money on new golf clubs and golf swing training devices hoping to improve their handicap, but are usually disappointed. The problem is not with the equipment or the training device per se, it’s just that their equipment may not be tailored to their body.

It has been shown that there are measurable angles that your spine needs to achieve to swing optimally. Clubs that are not customized to your body can remove these proper positions before you ever take a swing at it. This faulty setup is a recipe for disaster. Your spine angle will either be incorrect for the entire swing or you will be battling to regain the proper position, only to have the face of the club at a bad angle when you hit the ball. The end result will be ugly shots, topped balls and skulls – not what you need to play consistent golf.

The best way to prevent this is to have your clubs customized for you. Custom made golf clubs  sound really expensive and they can be if you employ your local golf shop owner and ask him to make you a custom set. Remember that you are paying way more than you need to at a local golf shop. They charge a steep markup on the golf clubs they sell, which are already over-priced from the manufacturer because of PGA tour player endorsements and excessive television commercial costs. By eliminating those middlemen costs, you can save   some serious cash and still get quality golf clubs.   For example, you can buy a great set of P2 irons from Gigagolf for under $150. Check out the P2 golf irons review for more info.

I strongly suggest that you save your money and buy clone golf clubs. You will get quality golf clubs at half the price (sometimes more than $400 less!). The clone golf clubs you buy will have all the same newest enhancements in golf technology, and best of all, they can be customized to fit you perfectly. There are many online custom golf club outfits, but the best one around is Gigagolf. They have an easy-to-use eFit system that lets you enter measurements like how tall you are and the distance from your hand to the floor. This data allow them to build you golf clubs that fit you exactly using top-notch components that will improve your score and make the game of golf more enjoyable. Here is a page that has all the current Gigagolf Coupons.

Here’s where you can find the latest and best  discount golf club clones. They will help you play better golf lower your score and help you have a lot more fun enjoying golf.

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