Repair Golf Cart Brakes

By Josh Santebanes

The golf cart that you have can function in a lot of ways. Aside from golf, you can also use it to roam around in a certain village. It is very important that the cart that you are using is in good condition all the time. Make sure that all the parts and features are well coordinated. The brake of the golf cart is similar to that one that is used in automobiles. You have to make sure that you will do your best in repairing the brake if something is wrong with it. Here are some tips that will guide you for sure. You have to keep them in mind all the time.


The first thing that you need to do is to choose a place or location where you plan to repair the brake of the cart. It is very important that the place is level. This will ensure that the vehicle will be steady as you try to manipulate it. It is very convenient on your part as well as it can be a good method that you can do to ensure safety.


A jack will surely help you a lot to see the bottom part of the cart. Attach it to the back part and lift the equipment upward in the air. You have to remove the tires to have a better view. Make sure that you will clean it also.


In cleaning the brake area, you have to use a lot of things like compressed air, towel and cleaner. The compressed air must be applied carefully. Use cloth and cleaner to remove all the dust and oil on the area. You have to ensure that the brake area is clean before you try to repair it.


One thing that you just need to do is to adjust some parts of the break. Try to determine when the vehicle was manufactured. This will guide you on what to do. Those that are made before the 1990s are different from those that were made after it. The older ones must be adjusted on the screw where the brake is attached. Carts made after 1990 must be adjusted in the spring. If it is damaged seriously, you need to replace the old springs with the new ones.

You then need to install back all the parts that you have removed. Make sure that you will clean them before you turn them back. It is very important that you will be able to repair the brakes of the cart that you have. This will ensure that you are at least safe in riding the vehicle since you can stop it anytime you want. Keep the tips mentioned in your mind all the time for you to have a good guide somehow.

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