Recovery Test for Dead Golf Cart Batteries

by Mark Dayne

Golf cart batteries can usually run down when they are used beyond a certain extent. If they are made to run down to its very end for quite a number of times can damage it, which makes them useless. But before discarding your battery try out a recovery procedure which is discussed below. It has been proven a life saver to such batteries.

The battery type used in most of the carts is 6 volt lead acid battery. A condition known as sulfation is prone to occur when the batteries are run down below its empty level.

Always make sure to wear protective devices before working on them as they are chemically reactive. Use protective glasses and gloves for your safety. Remove the battery from the vehicle before testing it. Use a simple wrench to remove it from the bolts of the battery holder. Place it on a surface that is not chemically reactive.

The next step is the preparation of a solution needed for conducting the operation. It is made by mixing 4 ounces of Epsom salt with every 1 quarter of water. Never use tap water as it can be harmful to the battery cells. Always use distilled water meant for use in batteries. Once the solution is prepared, open the caps of the cells and drain the water contained in them. Then you have to fill then empty cell with the prepared solution of Epsom salt and distilled water. Use a funnel to make the process easy. After filling it shake the cells well for even distribution of the solution inside the battery cells.

Next step is to recharge the battery. A 3 stage lead acid battery charger can be used for charging it. Make sure the charger is in OFF position before you connect the battery to the charger. After properly connecting it turn the charger ON and leave it overnight for charging.

After fully charging it you can turn off the supply and remove the battery from the charger. Now it is ready to be installed to the Golf cart. Secure the fittings properly and cross check the connections. This method of cleaning the battery has proven to be very effective in recovering a dead one. Performing this process for a few more times can make the battery restore its full health.

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