Purchasing An Electric Golf Cart

by William Hazelhurst

Walking the golf course has long been preferred by the professionals although today most amateur golfers prefer the ease and comfort of a golf cart.

Generally golf clubs have a few golf carts available for hire but, even if their rates are not too high, the cost of hiring a golf cart can soon mount up for the regular golfer. For regular golfers therefore the question of buying your own cart arises. Not only is this an option that will pay for itself over time, but it is also an option which will allow you to concentrate more on improving your golf, instead of worrying about your sore feet. With so many carts on the market today all you need to do is simply decide which cart most closely meets your list of requirements.

There are both electrically-powered and gas-powered golf carts on sale today and in most cases it is wise to start by looking at electrically-powered models. For on-course use the electric cart is the clear favorite as it is easy to drive and maintain and is of course quiet and environmentally friendly. Despite the fact early electric carts were much criticized for their lack of range, advances in technology mean that modern carts now have the range to cope well with use on most golf courses.

As with most things there are of course a few drawbacks to an electric cart and perhaps the most obvious, despite advancements in technology, is that or its relatively limited range. If you live close to the golf course and intend to use your cart simply around the course then this may well not be a problem. If, however, you are going to need to cover considerable distances before re-charging your battery then an electric cart may not be your best choice.

Golf carts are not only wonderfully practical but can also be great looking and it is very easy to stamp your own personality onto your cart by customizing it. With everything from lift and headlight kits to fancy wheels and tires there is almost no part of your cart which you cannot customize, often at relatively low cost.

If you are in the market for a new golf cart then start by considering one of the many electric carts available today. As long as you are prepared to do some research and to shop around you will find it is not too hard to locate a cart which meets your requirements and which comes at a price you can afford.

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