Must-Have Golf Cart Accessories

By Jessica Leebelt

While many avid golfers rely on carts to shuttle them around the green, golf carts are also becoming a popular mode of transportation for apartment complexes, gated communities and farms. In addition, they’re low-maintenance, affordable, low-emission vehicles that are useful for a number of other activities. Creative cart uses include hunting, flea marketing, gardening, college campus touring, bird watching, wood hauling and ranch maintenance. So, if you use your golf cart regularly for daily tasks or leisure activities, consider souping it up for maximum utility and comfort.

Unique Accessory Options

Your golf cart may be purchased with a number of installed accessories, like all-terrain or all-weather tires, specialty light and turn signal packages or brush guards. If you bought a used cart or couldn’t afford the premium options, however, you can always purchase golf cart accessories as time and money affords. Think about investing in a combination of the following items to customize your cart.

• Cooler packs: Whether you’re buzzing around the neighborhood, shooting range or community course, a cooler pouch attaches, like a backpack, to your cart’s seat or basket. Carry snacks, drinks and more in this handy duffel. There are also a variety of grocery and utility bags available, if you need to haul more cargo.

• Locking utility boxes: Designed to mount to the front or back of your cart, these sturdy metal lockboxes are ideal for keeping your belongings and valuables dry and secure.

• Cell phone/cup holder combos: No golf cart is complete without a container to hold your drink, cell phone, phone charger and house keys. Choose from models that fit into your existing cup holder, or models that attach to the door or dashboard.

• Heaters: Typically mounted on the dashboard, these small heating units are ideal for taking the chill off of a cool day. Many of these heaters light with an igniter, as well, so no matches are needed.

What are you waiting for? Begin shopping online to buy golf cart accessories that will add personal flair, convenience and performance to your utility vehicle. Soon, you’ll have a cart that turns heads, both on and off the course.

Jessica Leebelt is a web marketing professional based in Denver, Colorado. She writes press releases for a variety of businesses including suppliers of genuine EZ GO golf cart accessories.

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