Knowing The Perfect Golf Swing Technique From The Imperfect One

Most golfers think that the simplest and perhaps the most commonly taught golf swing technique is one in which you, the golfer, have to learn to take up the club up along a target line and then start the downswing. However, with a little more research, you will soon discover that this is perhaps not the best technique after all.

Using this kind of golf swing technique will not help you too much because the result will be that you will be shifting your weight in the wrong manner and this is not what you ought to be aiming for. It is far better to learn how to coil up the upper part of your body over your right hip. Doing so will help get maximum power. On the other hand, shifting the weight in a lateral direction will result in an imbalanced posture.

In addition, this kind of technique can also result in a disconnection between the arms and the body. So, it is better to avoid the technique involving lifting the club in the direction of the target line.The reason for this disconnect is that the arms will be swung in a loose manner. A better technique is to work both body and arms together in close coordination. If you do this, it will help you swing the golf club with more power and this will translate into a longer drive.

If you continue to use a slightly flawed golf swing technique, you will, if you continue with the straight backward swing method achieve a closed clubface which will then result in inaccurate shots. The proper technique is ensuring that the swing is made in an arc and furthermore, the center of the arc must correspond to the middle of your chest region. Also, keep the two hands firmly gripping the club as this will ensure an ideal and correct golf swing.

A perfect backswing is one in which the club remains on the plane for a very long time. The right swing plane involves pointing the club shaft at the target line or parallel to it. By holding the club on the plane for as long as possible, you will learn to swing the club with maximum power and this means that you can send the ball to a much longer distance.

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