How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball Using Golf Irons

Having some spin on your golf ball using your golf iron is really a basic issue of utilizing ball-to-iron contact and speed of the club.

If you can hit the golf ball and there is no mud or dirt or grass in front of the ball, you’ll put some type of spin when you strike it. Striking it a little bit down, you may add back spin.

If you do hit a shot which goes higher into the air, then you definitely have put some sort of rotation on the golf ball. The catch is that often many golf players prefer to enhance the spin. Several types of golf irons, like sand wedges, have different results.  Looking for more reviews on golf irons will let you know some of the features of these irons.

Attempting to have the golf ball stop as fast after the backspin may be a shot saver, especially if you are putting the golf ball on to hard greens or when the hole is located right behind a sand bunker or pond.

Here’s some easy tips to make sure you learn how to put spin on the golf ball …..

1. Place your feet closer to each other as compared with the normal golf swing position.

2. Set yourself in position to ensure the golf ball is near your back foot.

3. Use a pitch wedge, also known as a 60 degree pitching wedge. Your sand iron wedge can also be used.

4. Swing the golf club while your are up-right.

5. Hit the golf ball just under the area ahead of the divot spot. You ought to create a divot that’s prolonged and short in height.

6. Be sure to follow-through normally.

Make sure that the grooves on the club faces are free of debris and mud. Striking the ball clean is also important. A tiny mistake in your swing movement or hit can lead to a miss hit or bad flight of the ball.

It’s much easier to spin a much softer golf ball. If you need help with choosing this type of ball, go to your golf shop and ask for  help with a golf ball which will improve spin.

However the shot will be ideal when the ball has maximum velocity throughout the flight. This kind of shot is amongst the most complicated in golf and should be practiced on the driving range prior to attempting it on the golf course.

Graphite irons have more flexibility and speed which may also help boost backspin and achieve greater velocity. The bottom line is you need to strike the ball higher to get the result you’re searching for. Sure, there are times the professionals strike low backspinning balls, but that is another technique. Just try to hit the ball higher, cleanly with improved clubhead speed and you will get the backspin you’re looking for.

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