How To Judge The Value Of Your Golf Cart

By Mark Dayne

Many people plan to sell their Golf cart once they used it for some time. So it is necessary to evaluate your cart and set a baseline for its resale.

The worthiness of your cart can be judged by many parameters. For example. The brand and popularity of your cart can be a parameter for its resale. If the brand is a very popular and possessed by many customers, then your cart might not get a good resale value. While a cart from a rare or expensive brand can fetch your a much better price. Likewise there are many other factors that can judge the quality and worthiness of your Golf cart.

The internet can be a good advisor and mediator when it comes to this business. It offers you with a wide range of flexibility and offers which helps you in its resale.

How to evaluate brand new Golf Carts

The latest market price and the other features of a brand new cart can be found in the site of the brand dealer. This will give you the actual price of the product. Comparing the price given in the site with the prices given in the other sites will give you a clear view of the value of the product. If you manage to find the cart elsewhere at a cheaper rate then that shows that its original value.

How to evaluate used Golf Carts

Purchase of a used golf cart can be done through various other methods. One good option to buy a used cart is via auction sites like Here you can find a variety of used carts. They offer the cart at a much affordable price than you find it elsewhere. In these sites you also find a facility to filter the products based on parameters like brand, price, usage period etc. Used golf carts are also available through used cars dealers. Visit or contact at least 3 or 4 shops compare the prices of the carts available there. Choose one which you find quite good.

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