How to Generate Backspin With Your Wedge Shots In Golf

Creating back spin on a soaring approach shot into a tight pin position, is perhaps the most memorable shot in golf. It draws gasps of a amazement from the galleries and enables golfers to attack the most difficult pin positions. But how do they do it.

To get a golf ball to ‘suck backwards’, several key factors need to be present.

Five Factors

1. The Golf Ball

The hard two piece balls that amateur golfers play with are very difficult to spin. In fact they are created to add distance by creating top spin, the opposite of backspin. In order to create backspin it is important to play with a softer cover balata ball.

2. The Lie

If the ball is lying down in the rough it is difficult to create backspin because the grass comes between the ball and the grooves of the club head and eliminates the friction needed to create back spin. The best lie for creating backspin is a tight lie on the fairway.

3. Clubs

The golf club used is a critical factor in generating backspin, the more loft the greater the backspin. There are wedges sold that have rusted faces. These types of wedges have even more friction and thus increase the back spin transferred to the ball. Even discount golf clubs are made with good biting grooves and are considered good golf equipment.

4. The Wind Direction

It is very difficult to impart backspin if the wind is blowing in the direction of the shot. It is much easier to create backspin if the wind is blowing at the golfer.

5. Green Condition

The ideal spin conditions are for greens to be slightly damp and sticky. It’s difficult to generate backspin if greens are like concrete.

The Swing

Address the ball in the centre of your stance. Put 65% of the weight on the front foot nearest the target and ensure that your hands are ahead of the ball. Make a conscious effort to retain this weigh balance throughout the swing and focus on generating an upright backswing. Keep your lower body movement quiet and allow the arms and hands to swing in front of your body. This promotes a descending angle of attack and ensures crisp contact with the ball .

Work on keeping your hands in front of the ball at impact, striking the ball first then turf. Greg Norman advocated an excellent feeling to ensure this position. He stated it’s critical to retain the wrist angle established at address by focusing on moving the palm of your back hand through the ball at impact. This will also prevent any drastic releasing of the golf club and ensure a sharp angle of attack.

It’s important to power through the shot and maintain good acceleration and club head speed.

It takes a while to learn this shot . Go to the range, implement the technique, build muscle memory and then take it to the course. Commit to the shot and enjoy the admiration from your playing partners.

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