How to Clean Your Golf Balls

By Vickie Bailey

Golf balls require regular cleaning, and all golfing equipment needs to be looked after if you want to achieve performance longevity.

If you want to get the best out of your golf balls for longer, cleaning and care is essential. So why is it so important to keep them clean? The performance of your ball can be directly affected by how clean or dirty it is. A clean ball will:

• Fly faster
• Go further
• Travel in a cleaner and more streamline motion

Here are some great ways to clean a dirty golf ball:

• Dishwasher – this is a very quick and easy way to clean golf balls and they shouldn’t damage the dishwasher, or vice versa. If your balls do come out damaged then it’s an indicator that they were poor quality to begin with.
• Soak and scrub – many household cleaning products such as —- and —- contain oxalic acid. This makes a great soaking agent to loosen grime and dirt, which can be brushed away easily.
• Chemicals – ammonia, bleach, white vinegar or denture cleaning fluids can all help to loosen the grime from your golf balls.
• Concrete mixer – if you are dealing with tough dirt then maybe a concrete mixer and crushed almond shells can help. The spinning motion along with the crushed shells will gently exfoliate and remove dirt from the ball’s crevices.

There are so many different ways to clean your balls. Always read the care information provided when you purchase new ones, and always make sure they are packed away in the appropriate storage bags or boxes after each round.

Good quality balls with high performance will be able to withstand light cleaning. If you experience problems after cleaning, it could be due to the poor quality golfing product.

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