How To Buy Cheap Used Golf Carts

By Alex Fir

If you come to a decision that you need a golf cart, there are some things that you should take into account so that you can make the best buying decision possible. Obviously, if you buy a used model, you will save a lot of money, but you should know what you need to pay attention to in order to ensure a good deal, rather than wasting your money on something that is not good.

Your first step in purchasing a golf cart is to discover if a specific course even allows you to use a cart. Many do not allow these machines, however many others do. The chief reason for getting a golf cart is if you live on a golf course and would prefer to drive the cart to the clubhouse instead of your actual car.

With the gas prices regularly increasing, this can be a big saving over several years and more than pay for the cost of the golf cart itself. Just check with your local area is it ok to drive it on the roads.

Once you done with your research, there are several things that you need to mull over. An electric golf cart is apparently a much better and cheaper option in the long run. Not only are you not having to buy gasoline all the time but there are normally fewer parts that may need to be replaced or fixed. This will make the maintenance costs much lower.

Next, try to find a cart that has a new battery as well as battery connectors. Also, look for a cart that has a clean connector and charger should be in good condition. The cart itself needs to be clean and in good working order.

Never buy a used cart that is not working with the hopes that you can repair it inexpensively. This often turns into a nightmare task because of the permanent repairs that are considered necessary. Simply move on if the cart does not operate correctly at the time of purchase.

Make sure that you can take the cart for a test drive. If not, walk away immediately. When test driving, try to stop within a space of 10-15 feet without sliding. Golf courses do not like people who bring carts to the green that can cause huge damage. Do not forget to check the steering and make sure that the cart turns as it should be. Finally, inspect all of the wheels to make certain that they are in good shape.

With a cautious research and knowing what to look for you can save up to 75% off the price of a new golf cart by buying a used model.

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