How to Buy Cheap Golf Cart Parts

By John Kirzno

Do you like to save money? Most of us do whether we’re average Joe’s or multi-billionaires. That’s also true when we need to buy golf cart parts. Here are some tips for purchasing inexpensive parts:

1. Check if your cart is under warranty

If it is, then you might be able to get the part replaced gratis-including the labor. And even if the labor isn’t covered, you could still install the part yourself!

2. Shop around

You’ve probably heard this advice 1,001 times, but it’s still an effective way to spend less on goods and services. You should compare prices from a minimum of three stores, when shopping for replacement parts. If you have the time and effort, then don’t stop there! The process is basically a numbers game. The more prices you compare, the more likely you’ll find the lowest price in the world.

3. Buy two pieces of the same part

Of course, this isn’t a practical idea if you need to replace an expensive part on your cart. But if the part is affordable, then consider buying two pieces of it, instead of one. This will save you time and effort that you’d need to spend later, when purchasing the same part again. Also, you could save money on the costs of shipping the same product again later.

4. Shop online

This isn’t to say that you should absolutely, positively buy your replacement parts online. However, it’s highly advisable that you do some online browsing when searching for the parts that you need.

The Internet has revolutionized the way that we shop for just about everything. Who has the time to make phone calls all day, or drive from store-to-store-just to search for one replacement part for your golf cart? Instead, shopping online makes the process as easy as booting up your computer, turning on your modem, and then letting your index finger do the rolling (on your computer mouse).

By shopping online, you’ll be able to shop at more stores, in less time. And that will free up time that you could spend golfing!

5. Know the exact part number that you need

If you fail to take this step, then you could end up spending a lot of money on a part that you don’t need. Instead, learn the exact part number that you need to replace on your golf cart. This will save you time, effort, and money that you’d waste by purchasing the wrong part.
These aforementioned tips will help you to find the right golf cart part that you need-at the right price. The main question that you’ll need to answer is: how low can you go?

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