How About These Different Golf Cart Accessories?

Golf cart can be equipped with many accessories and they’re easy to install by yourself. Golf carts are increasingly familiar to people every day. They are useful for small communities other than for golf. Electric powered golf cars are becoming more popular because of their green carbon footprint.

Solar Panels

This is a very useful accessory when there’s lots of sun. A solar panel will charge up your golf cart batteries as well as act as a roof. The range can be extended up to one mile with an hour of charging with trickle-charging making the battery charging more balanced. Again, the use of solar panels help you decrease your carbon footprint, because fossil fuels are not used.

Ball and Club Washers

The ball-washer or the ball & club washer are accessories that are very handy to have on your golf cart. The washer is a compact plastic molded box holding water and detergent divided into two ….. one for getting dirt and debris off the ball and the other holds stiff cleaning brushes to clean the golf club head.

Sand and Seed Bottles

The sand & seed bottle accessory can be used by golfers and golf course maintenance golf carts by conveniently fixing the bottle holding the mixture for planting the greens. When a swing shot damages the grass, the player should reset the turf by adding seeds and sand to the divot, to reverse the damage.

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