Hot Tips for Buying Golf Cart Parts

by John Kirzno

If you own a golf cart, then there will be times when you need to purchase parts. These are the nuts and bolts of the machine (sometimes, quite literally), so it’s crucial to take the right steps. Here are some helpful tips to accomplish your mission:

1. Purchase duplicates of smaller parts.
While that might not be feasible if you need to replace the engine, it’s certainly practical if you need to buy smaller parts. Consider the shipping costs and effort needed to purchase the same part again, in the future.

2. Consider installing the part yourself.
If you have the know-how, then this is an excellent option since you can save on labor costs. Oftentimes it’s the labor, rather than the cart parts themselves, which are pricey. You should also factor in the cost of transporting the cart from your home to the repair shop-and then back again. After crunching some numbers, you might determine that it’s more practical to install the parts yourself!

As a word of caution, if you’re uncertain about how to replace a particular part on your cart, then have a trained professional do it. Otherwise, you might need to replace the whole golf cart.

3. Check if it is under warranty.
If it is, then you’ll simply need to find a repairman that’s certified by the manufacturer to conduct repairs. There’s no point in spending money on parts and labor, if they’re covered by your warranty. While the parts would likely be relatively inexpensive, it’s the labor that tends to cost an arm and a leg.

4. Learn the exact part number of the part to be replaced.
While golf cart parts for different models may look similar, that doesn’t mean that they have the same part number. So it’s crucial that you learn the exact part number that you need. Then you’ll be 100% certain that you’ll be getting the right part for your golf cart.

5. Avoid buying cheap imitation parts.
While such parts can save you money, they can actually cost you more, in the long run. The quality of such parts is typically inferior to the original ones, which means you’d likely need to replace them quickly.

6. Shop around.
Comparative shopping is crucial if you want to find the part that you need, at the right price. Shopping online can make the process much easier and faster, though it’s advisable that you compare prices at brick-and-mortar stores as well. Taking these steps will help to guarantee that you find the part you need, at a price you can afford.

If you need replacement parts for your golf cart, then these tips will help you to get your cart back on the greens as soon as possible.

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