“Hey! Watch Out For That Golf Cart!”

This was my thought not too long ago as I was driving through my in-laws retirement community in Kansas City. An elderly resident had pulled out in front of my Chevy Silverado. Fortunately, my brakes are good and impending doom was averted. As I regained my composure and drove away, I started thinking, “A golf cart in Kansas City! C’mon this isn’t Florida, Texas or Arizona! What’s the cart for?” Well, I was to find out that this trend was sweeping my in-laws retirement community and I was asked to help search for a used golf cart.

My mother in-law relies on me to do the research on many products before she purchases them. I appreciate her confidence in me but sometimes you feel a little out of your league when it comes to certain products. I will say I have some experience with golf carts as I worked for the Kansas City Royals this year and part of my job required me to transport guests to and from the stadium via a golf cart. I used both four and eight man gas powered golf carts. I drove E-Z-GO, Yamaha and Club Cars throughout the season. My personal preference was for the Yamaha four man golf carts. They had nice pick-up to them. This really made a difference if you were dispatched from one side of the stadium parking lot to the other and needed to get there quickly.

With my limited knowledge in hand, my search has started for a golf cart. I have determined so far that the quality of each manufacturer is similar so I am basing my search on price range, accessories and which is most golf cart community friendly. I found there are quite a few dealers here in the Kansas City area. This was a surprise to me. Interestingly, many material handling equipment companies are dealers for both new and used golf carts. One company in particular I’m exploring is Warehouse 1. They sell used golf carts in addition to the material handling equipment.

Wish me luck as I search for the holy grail of golf carts. If I find one that’s impervious to trucks, I’ll have to post a follow up!

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