Here’s Some Golf Driving Tips

The driving stroke in golf is not only your introduction to the course, but of each following hole. Hopefully, these golf driving tips will make this familiarity more delightful.

Depending on your personal skill level, 30 feet to 350 yards of fairway to perform  proper greeting you’ll need a golf ball, tee, driver. When the club is placed beside it, the ball should be placed on the tee so that about half of it extends above the driver. With the size of today’s drivers this may require tees made of street lamps and a different cart for transport of the giant ball-holders.

Position the head of the 1 metal directly behind the ball angling the shaft comfortably with the ball teed up. At a reasonable distance, place your left foot so the ball lines up just inside the heel, right foot . Comfort being the functional word; while addressing the ball, keep you back straight and knees bent. Very good. Now, step around to the other side of the ball, you’re aimed at the clubhouse.

Your backswing should be easy and smooth, not overly exaggerated. Left arm straight, wrists cocked and shaft aimed at the target, the legs should adjust to the motion of the upper body. Pull down with the left arm and make a wide arc. The club needs to meet the ball on the upswing and in the center of the face perpendicular to the line of the drive. If the clubface is too open the result will be a slice; too closed and the ball will hook.

Continue the swing keeping your head down for a second. To keep track of the flight of the ball, eventually looking up is recommended. The follow through is a personal preference. Short or long arguments can be made. I choose short arguments. A long argument can detain the trip to the 19th hole. Golf is a thirsty game.

Technically, you have now mastered one of the most nerve-racking shots in golf. With the size of the clubhead, theoretically, it could be one of the easiest shots in the game. I commonly winds up being one of the unreliable but with the length of shaft and inclination to want to kill the ball.

Aim well, relax your swing, have fun, lather, rinse, repeat. The main tip for systematically driving the golf ball well has to be practice, practice, practice.

As a reward for your efforts the ideal suggestion would be a Scotch…neat.

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