Having Fun With Golf Cart Accessories

by Tawny Hofmann

Being an owner of a golf cart has many advantages that one can appreciate. With the many choices of golf cart accessories you can give your cart a real personalized look. This gives you the option to show off your cart at the golf course or sidetrack your opponent with your carts flashy accessories. You also don’t have to use your cart strictly at the golf course.

Some people like to use their carts for other reasons. If you have a big yard a golf cart can make for easy travel from one end of the yard to the other. Some businesses will even use them for easy travel to get from one end of the facility to the other.

When we talk about golf cart accessories, I think of lift kits. Yes, they do have lift kits for carts. I like the idea of giving your cart the off-road image because it makes your golf cart look like it is nothing to be taken for granted. One can also say that about the owner of the cart because they are making a statement by giving their cart the option to take a risk and drive over that rocky terrain or climb that bumpy hill for fun just because you can. It makes your cart look beefy and it looks like you are ready to take charge and be a winner.

Lights and lighting packages are also a great accessory. I love lights because they have two important applications. One is practical and the other is just an addition to your cool factor of your cart. Lights can be very useful when your golf game runs a little later than you had planned. You can just flip on your headlights and light up that last hole. You can even put on running lights that are different colors. These running lights will definitely turn heads and will add to your cool factor if that is the image you are looking to create.

Some of my other favorite golf cart accessories are fuzzy seat covers, stereo systems, and of course rims and wheels. You can add so much color just by changing your seat cover. Not to mention that you won’t stick to your seat when you get up to take your shot on a hot sweaty day. Stereo systems are a great addition to your cart to liven up the game or even turn it on to celebrate after the game is over. Everyone loves music and you can get some really great stereos for not a lot of money. Rims and wheels add a bunch of attitude to your golf cart. Just like a car, you will be proud of your rims and your wheels once you make the right choice. Guaranteed you will have people coming up to you to say how great your wheels are on your golf cart.

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