Have a Perfect St Andrews Golf Vacation: The Old Course Review

Golfers around the world want to play at one of the eleven testing courses at St. Andrews, Scotland inside the UK. St. Andrews is universally looked upon as the home of golf and has a well spoken of past that goes back six centuries. Amazingly, all eleven courses are within a ten minute drive from the town’s middle section and eight of the courses are championship level. The closeness and quantity of courses entice serious golfers who would like to achieve the most from their St. Andrews golf vacations. The course that a lot of folks go hundreds or thousands of miles to play is identified as the “Old Course.”

St.Andrews Golf Vacation – About the Old Course

Golfers have engaged in the Old Course since near 1400, causing it to be the oldest golf courses globally. This is a public course which receives players from all over the globe, but does necessitate male players to have a handicap of 24. The handicap for female players is 36. The course offers unique double greens where distinct holes share the same putting surface. Many of the obstacles on the course are called by telling names, such as the bunker called “Hell.” There’s additionally the Road Bunker, a characteristic which always ready to defeat even the most professional player. Be sure to take a good look at the 18th fairway from the legendary Swilcan Bridge. Drink in the ritual and scenery of this celebrated golf site.

St.Andrews Golf VacationMore About the Old Course

Like having a proud, centuries-old convention wasn’t adequate, the Old Course has been the site of 27 British Open golf championship play-offs. Identified for its ability to test even the most schooled professional, playing the Old Course is both taxing and invigorating, in spite of your skill level. This exclusive 600-year-old course was not “designed” as modern day courses are. Contrarily it has evolved under the observant eyes of a a number of personages, particularly Daw Anderson, Keeper of the Green during the 1850s, Old Tom Morris, greens keeper, golf mentor, club maker, ball maker as well as course designer, from during the 1860s to 1900. The course was overseen by Dr Alister Mackenzie during the 1930s, one whose “designs are notable for their sensitivity to the nature of the original site” (Source: Wikipedia.org).

St.Andrews Golf VacationAmenities

St. Andrews is designed with three world-class clubhouses which greet visitors just the same as players. Whether you select the Links, Eden or Castle Course clubhouse, you’ll always find a hospitable air in these relaxing, roomy and contemporary settings. You will find restaurants in every structure, and also locker rooms and club employing services. Golf shops may be found at the Links and also Castle Course clubhouses. All locales have plenty of parking available and a shuttle bus provides a connection between the Eden and Links clubhouses. There is also a Golf Practice Centre where you can fine-tune your abilities. The St. Andrews course is a benevolent trust, therefore any monies made are put back into the care and maintenance of the course. For a particularly impressive St. Andrews golf vacation, make sure to play the Old Course.

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