Golfing Cart Electronics

Wouldn’t it be good to include some of the accessories you have for your car to your golf cart? In this post I’ll talk about some of the gadgets you may want to add to your golfing cart. I’ll also tell you about the advantages and drawbacks of having each of these in your golfing cart.

There are many upper echelon golf courses that have gps systems installed in their golfing carts. With these systems in your golf cart you can tell exactly where you are on the golf course and how far you hit the ball. They also give you a much better idea as to how far from the hole you are. If your not utilizing these on the golf course, they can still be handy. For example, you may find your self using your golf cart to get around town. Having a global positioning system on the cart will help give you directions to places you haven’t been to before, or have simply forgotten how to get to. The extra battery drain of the gps system is really the only bad part of having a gps system installed in your golf car.

Another basic electronic to have would be a stereo. Having a radio on the golf course might cause some trouble, however if you are using your golfing cart in most other situations, a radio might be a nice addition. One large benefit to having a radio installed is that you can notice songs while your in your cart. A large drawback would be if you tried to play it on the course and ended up getting kicked off of it.

Heat and air conditioning is a good touch for any road authorized golfing cart. You can also add them to golf carts you use in big living communities. You will find that your gas or battery can be exhausted quickly when you have your heating or air conditioning blasting. Golf carts will also need to have windows and doors for the air conditioning or heating to be of any use.

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