Golf Tips: Golf Club Shaft Flex

About Golf Club Shaft Flex … When choosing golf clubs there are many specifications to consider. The major consideration is the shaft flex of the golf clubs you’ve selected. If the flex choice is not right, you probably will not hit good shots.

To be able to choose the correct flex for your swing, you need to know something about shaft flex. The shaft is the motor of the golf club and will flex during your swing. The degree of flex will depend primarily on how fast you swing the club.

There are five major flex ratings. They are ….. L, A, R, S and XS. The definition for each is Ladies (L), Senior (A), Regular (R), Stiff (S), and Extra Stiff (XS). Normally, R or S will work for the average male golfer.

Some Guidelines • How far do you hit your driver?

  • 250 yards or more – Stiff
  • 230-250 yards – Regular
  • 200-230 yards – Senior
  • Less than 200 yards – Ladies.

Only the really big hitter is going to need Extra Stiff.

For a very smooth swing, you can use a softer flex even if you swing fast. A jerky swing will probably require a stiffer shaft.

When the Flex Is Too Stiff …

1. The ball flies lower and shorter.

2. The ball may tend to go to the right, or fade to the side, for right-handed golfers.

When the Flex Is Not Stiff Enough…

1. The ball tends to fly higher.

2. The ball might go left, or to the draw side, for a right-handed golfer.

The best methods to choose the correct shaft flex is to g to a golf professional to get a recommendation for the proper flex. The pro will do several measurements, look at your swing, measure your swing speed, look at your ball flight and make a recommendation of the proper flex for you .

If you can’t afford a personal fitting, watch for demo days that the manufacturers will hold at courses and shops near you. At demo days, you’ll be able to hit many different types of clubs with different types of shafts.

It’s always better to hit lots of different clubs to see the effect that changing shaft flex has on your shots. If you find a flex that feels good and produces a good ball flight, it’s probably right for you.

Online retailers that sell discount golf clubs and clone golf clubs will provide charts that may also help in your shaft flex selection.

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