Golf Carts – Now for More Than Just a Golfer

by Mark Dayne

Golf carts may be one of the most stylish and eco friendly vehicles in the road as all its accessories are available. In university campuses or even in medical emergency cases it can be put to use to transport people, goods and equipment. Apart from golfers on golf courses, it may be used by quiet neighborhoods, personnel of large sports events. People who are disabled buy these carts because of their high speed and are safe compared to power wheelchairs.

It’s economic to drive a Golf cart. For an electric cart to operate, around ten miles can be done with one cent. Compared to a car, cost for maintenance and repairing is reduced ten fold. Automotive giants claim that demand for golf carts is low and won’t enter this market.

In neighborhoods nearby golf courses, or areas with resorts, use golf cars to go to malls, movie theaters, schools and restaurants bypassing highways. Only specific streets and paths are allowed for golf carts in university campuses. If having a proper license Golf carts, can ply on roads within speed limit of 35 mph in the neighborhood.

Billy Dolan was one of the icons of Golf who were introduced Golf carts in the 1950s and became popularized it, caused the evolution of the game of Golf. Each year, these vehicles are gaining safety and also getting smaller, more efficient enhanced in design and cuteness with custom designer wheels seats, lift kits and speed controls that can be programmed.

Three or four wheeled carts are in use as a vehicle. Electric or internal combustion motors can provide the power needed. Companies like Cushman, Club Car, Daihatsu manufacture golf carts commonly.

Lift kits, which are gaining popularity among accessories in a Golf car, add clearance to the cart is useful for maneuvering rocky and bumpy roads. Off-road tires come with lift kits of the cart improving off road capabilities.

In colder seasons a rain curtain is a hugely demanded golf cart accessory. The car frame may be attached with curtains can by snapping on permanently, or clipped or removed from the car in warmer seasons.

Adding flare is the basic purpose of some accessories. A stylish look can be given by fitting racing-style aluminum pedal kits, graphic and even 3D camouflage or custom steering wheels.

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