Golf Carts In Today’s Active Society

by Sam Goldstein

Today’s golf carts are not simply something found only at the local golf course. Not anymore! In fact, a number of people, even people who do not golf, are discovering – and taking pleasure in – the numerous benefits of having their own multipurpose golf cart.

Yes, the cart’s main job is to travel the links with greater efficiency. They also help alleviate back issues related to hauling heavy golf clubs. Carts also help speed-up play. And to keep the game moves steadily along, quite a number of courses make mandatory cart usage. And no, a brisk walk simply won’t do! No matter if walking is better exercise, the pace of the game is paramount.

Today, a good number of golden-age communities are engineered for life around the golf cart. Even the streets in these residential communities are specifically made for its inhabitants to get around in a cart! The inhabitants have the freedom to use their carts to conduct their daily business like grocery shopping or doctor’s visits. It’s not unusual that carts are quickly becoming their 2nd car.

Just look around, golf carts are becoming common sights at retail stores, work sites, school campuses, events in the community; practically any place where individuals require basic transportation. Carts are also an advantage when walking would be a challenge or if it takes up too much time to get across a busy parking lot.

Golf Cart Varieties

Golf carts are typically categorized into 2 camps: electric and gas powered. They each have their benefits in regards to the projected use it’ll receive.

Electric carts are fine for the golf course. Most driving is done on paved or well cared for cart paths. The electric units usually turn out an adequate amount of muscle to travel over any steep slopes on the course. (It most cases anyway!)

Advances in modern batteries have extended the ‘charging power’ of the latest batteries. Cart manufacturers have have spent lots of cash on technology making modern carts less troublesome and nearly maintenance free!

A gas powered vehicle is preferred by those that need a vehicle that is capable of powering through any kind of terrain. Taking the cart into the woods or where no path exists needs additional horsepower than electrical models can deliver. Gasoline powered units can take you places electric model dare not tread.

Buying A Cart

If you plan on buying a golf cart in a location where golf is frequently played, the costs for carts will be higher. Locations like the Carolinas can typically command top greenback for golf carts. As do the retirement communities previously mentioned. (Although these places will also provide a greater choice in the used golf cart market.)

When in the market for bargains on golf carts, there are several factors to keep in mind. But finding just the right cart can add enjoyment to the sport of golf and might possibly become a brand new neighborhood transportation vehicle for you!

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