Golf Carts – An Evolution On The Golf Course

By Chris Milller

At one point in time, the use of a golf cart was something only the somewhat wealthy could enjoy on a golf course. Those who were not able to afford the use of a cart often found themselves hauling their clubs over their shoulder as they walked the golf course. Well, times have changed.

Golf carts are now the standard at almost all golf courses throughout the country. Very seldom do golfers carry their clubs over their shoulder anymore. Unfortunately, some recreational golfers like to treat the course cart like a toy rather than a purposeful mode of transportation. Often times, you can witness reckless behavior exchanged between recreational golfers and the use of their carts. However, this is one minor annoyance as a result of the cart gaining popularity.

Typically, golf carts are available for rent from the course clubhouse. Most golfers take advantage of this service. An alternative, if you have the money, would be to buy your own cart. However, this is costly, but you will not need to pay rent for a cart whenever you go to the course.

Golf carts are available for purchase either new or used. New carts can be purchased from anywhere from about $4000 to $11,000 dollars. Many factors attribute to the cost, such as model, seating capacity, and any additional options that may be available. There are two types of cart engines, gas engine or electric engine.

An alternative to new carts would be to purchase a used cart. Used golf carts are a lot cheaper than new ones, and typically you can find a sufficient cart for less than $3000. Buying a used cart can be a lot like buying a used car. You will need to thoroughly inspect it inside and out. Make sure to ask the owner any questions you may have about the cart. Always make sure to take it for a test drive before committing to a purchase.

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