Golf Cart Top – It Makes a Hot Day Enjoyable!

by Jack Griffith

I like the sunshine and I’m just as happy to soak up rays as the next guy, but when I’m out on the golf course on a hot day I’m sure glad I have my golf cart top.

Having a cart to drive between holes is a luxury, I know. On the other hand, the golf cart top makes a pleasant outing so much more enjoyable because it allows me to get out of the beating sun and enjoy a little breeze while traveling to the next hole.

I dare say it may even help my aging body to prevent heat exhaustion (which I’m afraid I’ve had more than a few times.)

After-Market and Custom-Made Golf Cart Tops

Many carts come with factory-made tops but maybe yours didn’t, or maybe you need a replacement top because of that accident with the garage door and the dog.

There are several manufacturers of after-market and custom-made cart tops these days, so you pretty much can find what you want.

Golf cart tops come in several colors and styles, including models for two-seat carts, four-seat carts, and even a top that comes with its own water-cooled air conditioner system! (This top runs $800.)

Another possibility for your cart is the upper brush guard. It looks like a roll cage, but because it is not physically designed to withstand damage from a full rollover, the manufacturers are not allowed to call it a roll cage.

The upper brush guard will protect against tree limbs and branches, but it does not come with a top, only the guard. If you want a top also, you’ll need to order that separately.

Golf cart tops are available for such manufacturers as E-Z-Go, Yamaha, Columbia Par Car, Club Car and universal carts.

What Do You Need to Know to Order Your Golf Cart Top?

First, you need to know the size of your cart, so that you can choose the top that will fit.

Do you have a two-seat cart? Then most likely a 54 inch top is what you’ll need. If your cart has four seats, then you’ll want to look at an 80 inch top. There are also 112 inch tops for 6 passenger golf carts.

Next, do you already have the “struts” to install your golf cart top?

These are the pieces that stick up from the sides of the cart to hold up the top. Cart tops are sold with or without struts, so you’ll need to know if the top you choose comes with them.

Also, if your rear seat is an after-market product, then you will typically have to make some custom changes to make the top fit your cart. These custom modifications may mean adding some additional supports or drilling additional screw holes in order to attach your new top.

What Can You Expect to Spend On a New Golf Cart Top?

Prices range from about $110 for just the top insert, to about $389 for the top, strut assembly and hardware. Shipping will be in addition to this cost.

On occasion you can find sales and special discounts which may lower your cost. For example, as I write this article, eBay has a black molded plastic canopy top to fit an E-Z-Go two seat cart for $129, with an additional $99 to ship. No struts are included, this is just the top.

The struts are available from after-market retailers also, so don’t despair if you can’t find your original struts. Some online retailers will show pictures of the struts to help you visualize what you’ll need.

You can find just tops (no hardware or struts) between $145 and $165 for a two seat cart.

When you get it installed, I think you’ll find that a golf cart top makes all the difference on a hot day!

Jack enjoys home and family, and has been writing about his experiences for more than 25 years. To enjoy more of his material, please see Golf Cart Wheel Covers and Golf Cart Tops.

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