Golf Cart Tires

By Richard Romando

The need for golf cart tires may never be felt by multitudes of people but for the minority that understands the need to move from one teeing off point to another they are a concern. In most cases, golfers and amateurs do not necessarily purchase golf car tires unless they own their own golf carts. Even then, they are fitted with tires when purchased and do not need to be changed too often. Golf clubs and course owners are often responsible for golf cart tires. They can be easily distinguished from other types of tires because of their size variation. They are often much smaller than regular vehicle tires. When selecting golf cart tires, clients may choose from a wide range of tire widths and treads. These special treads permit people to drive golf carts over varying terrain within a golf course. In case golf cart tires develop lumps or irregular swellings, they hint at a wear and weakness. If not treated when they arise, golf cart tires may blow apart eventually.

The most common method to check golf cart tire wear is to conduct a penny test. The deeper the coin moves into tire grooves the larger is the wear. Checking different parts of a golf cart tire gives a clearer picture. Irregular bulges on tire sidewalls are a clear indication of internal tire damage. In regions that experience snow and rain, there may be periods of suspended golf action. At such times, golf cart tires are more or less out of use. When the season begins, it is important that these tires are checked thoroughly and the golf cart is driven around to check tire conditions.

Though golf cart tires do not need to deal with excessive use or excessive vehicle load, it does not imply that the tire does not lose pressure. Golf cart tire pressures needs to be checked at regular intervals because a slight temperature change can alter tire pressure. With the help of a tire pressure meter, golf cart tires can be refilled to match manufacturer’s suggestions.

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