Golf Cart Buying Tips

By Steadman Issenburg

Lots of golfers these days are choosing to buy their own golf carts instead of just rent them each time they play. If you play a lot of golf, and live close to a golf course that allows you to use your own golf cart, you can actually save lots of money in the long run by buying a cart. Here are some tips to consider on how to make a smart purchase when you buy a golf cart.

* First of all, consider where you intend to store your golf cart when it is not in use. Make sure that you have a large enough area for storage so that it will easily accommodate the golf cart that you intend to buy.

* Also be sure that the golf cart you choose will fit well within the weight limits of the course that you usually play on. If you see the golf course manager, you can usually get reliable information on this subject that you can count on.

* Consider golf cart security as well. If you plan on keeping your golf cart at home, its usually a good idea to store it inside your garage or a small building dedicated to storing your golf cart. If theft is a common problem in your area, you may even want to consider having an individual key made for your golf cart instead of the universal key that comes from the manufacturer.

* Most golf carts come in either a gas powered or electric version, and you will need to make a decision on which you feel will best suit your needs. One of the major factors in this decision is whether or not you will be able to plug your electric cart in each night to recharge the batteries or not. If for any reason you have to use your cart for more then a day or two at a time without being able to recharge it, perhaps a gas powered cart will be your best bet. But bear in mind that generally speaking, electric carts are much less expensive to operate then gas powered carts, and this is becoming even more so as gas prices continue to rise.

* If you choose an electric golf cart, never let the batteries run down to the point where they no longer have a charge left. Over a period of time, a totally drained battery will become damaged. So be sure to keep at least some kind of charge in the battery at all times.

* If you’re unfamiliar with golf cart construction and maintenance, perhaps your best choice for buying a golf cart is to visit your local golf cart dealers to see what they have in stock. If a dealer has a good reputation in the community for customer service, then you can usually save a lot of money by buying a used golf cart instead of buying a new one. On the other hand, if you are somewhat familiar with golf carts or know someone who is, then the best deals can be had by buying a used golf cart from a local private party who has obviously cared for and maintained their golf cart well.

* Regardless of whether you buy a new or used golf cart, it will be very important for you to perform the regular maintenance that is required for your golf cart in order to keep it in good working order. In this respect they are much like automobiles. The better you care for them, the longer they will last and give you good service.

As you can see, buying a golf cart is not a very difficult proposition. And hopefully with the tips that we have provided in this article, you’ll be able to find an affordable golf cart that will fit your needs for years to come.

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