Golf Cart Battery Charger

By Steve Christopher

For the purpose of charging worn out batteries of golf carts, Golf Cart Battery Chargers are used. 36/48 volt DC systems are the commonly used ones. The standard cart batteries can be charged about 1,000 times. This may be 2-3 years or even longer according to the country you are located. The usage frequency and handling of the carts also is an important factor on the battery life.

Battery charger levels are different for different carts. The first charging is called bulk charge. Current enters at the maximum rate, until the batteries are about 80% the voltage level. The battery will charge in the absorption mode or the 2nd battery charging stage.

Voltage regulation is an important factor in golf cart batteries. Worn or damaged batteries cause wrong capacity readings and batteries get drained. It will lose out on its performance thereby. The batteries look like full charged and the charger shuts off.

The batteries should be charged after each round of golf. It ensures that your cart is getting the best care and should be followed. Batteries should not be leveled in extreme temperature for ensuring long life. A cart placed for a long time in a hot garage can affect the life of the batteries inside it.

The charging voltage of the chargers is less with the float chargers. These are also called trickle chargers. Using these keep the batteries in a “topped off state”.

Chargers are available at low price for Club Car, Columbia, Yamaha, and Cushman golf carts apart from the cart maker. Apart from golf carts, chargers can also charge forklifts. A desulphator is included with high quality chargers.

Not only can the price of new batteries, but also replacing labor be saved. Chargers with desulphators will be of great use and economical if you have a large golf course.

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