Golf Cart Batteries – How to Ensure Their Longevity & Peak Performance

by Jason Emanual

Maintaining golf cart batteries properly is important to make sure that the cart runs smoothly and efficiently at all times and in every type of weather. It is usually seen that improper maintenance and lack of proper knowledge about golf cart batteries leads to many types of problems and complications.

Many users wrongly assume that their sport cart batteries are maintenance free and would perform well on its own. This is a serious misconception. Regular and proper maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure that the cart batteries run perfectly. There are a few essential tools that you must have to carry out the maintenance task properly. They include a wrench, distilled water, a voltmeter, a post cleaner, petroleum jelly and a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the electrolytic solution that a golf cart battery holds. You must also have safety gloves and goggles while handling battery maintenance work.

Golf carts are almost always powered by six lead-acid batteries that are stored beneath the front seat. You must ensure the external covers are in top condition and are devoid of any cracks or damage. All connections and posts must be free of dirt and grime. Damaged batteries must be replaced immediately. The vent caps must be checked and kept tight at all times. The battery top can be kept dirt-free by using water and baking soda. Water and dry cloth must be used to dry off the top. Never use solvents and spray cleaners for the purpose as a chemical reaction can take place easily.

Post and clamp cleaners can be used to clean the battery terminals and the inside of the cable clamps. The clamps can be given a thin coat of petroleum jelly to ensure proper connectivity. The area around the battery must be kept dry and clean at all times. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that water should be added only after the golf cart battery is fully recharged.

However, there should be enough water to cover the plates. Water levels in each cell of each battery must be checked weekly to make sure that the leaded plates in the battery are submerged. Use only distilled or de-ionized water and always ensure sure that their levels do not go above the cap.

Following the manufacturers’ instruction carefully usually helps in maintaining the golf cart batteries properly.

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