Golf Cart Accessories – The Rear Seat Kit

By Sam Adams

Not too many years ago golf carts were used primarily for playing golf. Today, people have them for many different uses. The battery operated electric model is probably the most popular but a gasoline model can be an excellent option, depending on your application.

There are many different golf cart accessories available on the market including factory and aftermarket sources. Simple add-ons like a rear view mirror, club and ball washer, front windshield, and head lights can be purchased and self installed in only a few minutes. But some people are looking for a complete conversion of their basic used golf cart into a utility vehicle, a 4 passenger unit, a lifted golf cart, a hunting buggy, or maybe a fully equipped custom golf car.

One of the most popular conversions on the market today is the 4 passenger utility vehicle . The rear seat kit is an accessory that you can install yourself, but I would recommend that you let your local dealer install this for you. They come in several different versions. A Basic kit will include a fixed-position rear seat that is attached to the back portion of the vehicle where the golf bags would normally be placed. This is the most economical option. The second option is a 2-n-1 rear seat kit, also known as a convertible rear seat. This is a kit that functions as a standard rear seat, but because it’s hinged it can be folded out, or converted, into a cargo deck for hauling items. This is an excellent option for many golf cart owners because from time to time you need both the ability to carry additional passengers and the option to carry cargo, tools, parcels, and much more. The last rear seat option is 3-n-1 kit. This is a rear seat kit that offers the same options as the first two, but has an added feature of being able to convert into a full functioning utility bed with side walls. The 3-n-1 seat is nice but it is a little pricey and would not be my first choice. Most rear seat kits are available in both steel or aluminum.

The typical 2 person golf cart comes equipped with standard rear leaf springs and is designed to carry 2 people and their golfing gear. When you add a rear seat kit to your golf cart it is important that you also consider having heavy duty leaf springs installed to handle the added weight of carrying 4 passengers. Additionally, you might want to consider upgrading the battery wiring on you cart from the standard 6 gauge wires to a heavier 4 gauge wire to handle the extra load. Consult your local golf cart mechanic for more details.

Whether you choose the Basic, the 2-n-1, or the 3-n-1 rear seat kit, I’m sure you and your family will enjoy the added benefits you will get from your newly converted and very versatile 4 passenger golf cart.

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