Golf Cart Accessories

by Bill Degner

When playing golf there is a vast choice of equipment, and even the golf cart has many different accessorizes. You will need to decide which ones are essential for your game and which ones you can live without. Some are great and have amazing practical value; others are a little pointless but can be fun. Your taste and budget will determine which ones you consider.

Your golf cart will need certain accessorizes and useful ones are covers, lights, ball and club cleaners and bag holders. Covers are great to protect you from not only the wind and rain but also the sun, it can get quite hot on the golf course and it is nice to have a shaded area to relax in. With a good cover on your golf cart the interior will last longer and the paintwork will not fade. Lights and spot lights are great if you are aiming to use your golf cart around your property as well. You can get several different types to choose from.

Ball and club cleaners are a good gadget which is mounted to your cart and intended for you to be able to clean your equipments as you go around the course. These aren’t available on all models and you should check that they will fit before buying it. Bag holders are ideal if you want to stop your golf clubs from moving driving on the course. They are also ideal if you want to move other items from place to place with very little effort. You can buy custom bumpers and chrome wheels if you really want your vehicle to stand out from the rest. Body kits are becoming more popular to give your cart a more custom look. If you are unsure which body kit would look good then seeking professional help might be an option.

You can also buy many smaller gadgets for the dashboard and interior items. These can include cup holders, mobile phone holders, compasses and clocks. None of these are essential and won’t improve your game, of course, but can be fun to have in your golf cart. They can make it far more personal and unique to have the interior just as you like it. You can even add some style to the dashboard and interior with new wood grain effects, these are available in many different colors.

All of these golf cart accessorizes are available to purchase either online or in a golf store. If you are not entirely sure what to buy then it might be advisable to go to a store rather than buying online. You should however research well before buying any accessorizes to ensure they will be compatible with your make and model of golf cart. There are no limits to what accessorizes you buy and as long as you like the look of your cart that is all that matters. Your new look golf cart will give you the confidence to go out onto the golf course and play an amazing round of golf.

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Bill Degner has owned and maintained golf carts for 14 years. He shares his knowledge about this form of transportation at Learn more about golf cart accessories by visiting his Web site.

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